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Shakitha Mckenzie



I am Shakitha E. Mckenzie , an Early Childhood Educator from Alabama. I received a bachelors in Early Childhood Education from The University of Alabama, Roll Tide! I am currently seeking higher education. In the past, I taught for a wonderful preschool in Tuscaloosa Alabama until my family and I relocated to the Knoxville area.I am very happy to be here and become a part of the Blossom Center for Childhood Excellence family.

I enjoy passing along knowledge that helps enhance a child’s experience inside and out of the classroom. My personal goals are to research and continue to learn how to better serve and meet the child where they are. Children will always be my motivation to further my career and education. Year after year there are children who stay in your heart for various reasons and for them you choose to learn more.

As an Early Childhood Educator, I believe every child deserves a chance to begin their education journey as early as possible. We should take the opportunity to teach while children are eager to learn new things. Teaching in the early years includes promoting self esteem, courage, and respect through daily modeling. Children do as they see. When a child is welcomed into spaces that feel warm, safe and secure, they feel comfortable enough to thrive. One way to create said space is by inclusion, where all children are accepted and respected. My goal is to continue to help Blossom Center be a safe space for children to learn and thrive daily.

I really appreciate that Blossom Center for Childhood Excellence has created a community within that reflects family. In a classroom there are many moving parts, and we are blessed to have volunteers and sponsors to support us. In doing that we have a great relationship with a lot of organizations in the community that have helped us with our goal of keeping a welcoming environment for the children. In the future, we will continue to incorporate cultures and values from our families and organizations within our community to stay connected.

Shakitha Mckenzie
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